The Sessions

Sessions take place at the same time each week

They continue on a weekly basis without any breaks

There is a fixed start and fixed end time; so if you arrive late it is not possible to make up the lost time at the end

Both the therapist and the client make an attempt to try to give each other as much notice as possible of upcoming absences or holidays


What takes place in a session is confidential.

However, there are certain circumstances in which confidentiality may be broken. These are: if you were to be a danger to yourself, if you were to be a danger to others, or where mention is made of a situation in which a child or vulnerable adult might be placed at risk of harm. In the latter case, I am mandated to file a report of the potential risk to the health authority in Ireland, the HSE. This report would be drawn up in collaboration with the client. 

Cancellation Policy

There is a twenty four hour cancellation policy in place which means that if you are unable to attend your session, for any reason, you will be charged the full session fee, unless you provide twenty four (24) hours of notice.

It may be possible to reschedule the session in the same week if there is availability; but if there is not, then the fee must be paid.

Ending Therapy

When you want to end your therapy, if you can give at least one or two sessions of notice of your intention to end, then we can bring our time together to a close with greater conscious awareness. There may also be therapeutic potential in exploring the meaning of endings.


If your Healthcare Insurer covers counselling sessions (it is your responsibility to check this), I can provide you with the paperwork needed to support your claim. You may need to inform them that I am accredited with both IACP and IAHIP, and registered with the Irish Council for Psychotherapy


Court reports are not provided