Online Sessions

Therapy sessions are now taking place online. This is referred to as virtual therapy, online therapy or a video session, and there is significant research evidence to suggest that online or “virtual therapy” works just as well, if not better than, in-person sessions. (e.g. Wagner et. al., 2013, Hyler et. al., 2005)

The Sessions

Sessions are fifty minutes long. They take place at the same time, same day, each week. There are regular reviews of the work as the therapy progresses.

Booking an Online Session

To book a session you can contact Jane by text on 083 318 8631 or email at

Virtual Therapy Set-Up


For an online session you’ll need the following equipment:

  • a computer PC, laptop or iPad (mobile phones are not suitable)
  • a webcam
  • a solid broadband connection. can assist in finding your strongest broadband signal
  • headphones


You need to have access to a space in which you will be able to talk freely without being overheard, and where you will not be disturbed or intruded upon for the duration of the session. A confidential and contained private space.

Accessing a Session

You do not need any prior experience of video calling as before each session the following is sent to you by email:

  • The link to get into the session
  • A password for the session

No download is required.

Getting ready for the first session

Preparation for the first session involves:

  • Agreement on a session time
  • Completing and returning the Intake form (this is basic information required for us to work safely together and includes contact details, medical information, etc)
  • Reading the Informed Consent which outlines the way in which the therapy works. We go through this in more detail in the first session; but you will need to read it beforehand as it explains the payment terms.
  • Payment for the first session
  • Access to the session via the link and password (or meeting ID and password).

You should also have a phone to hand during the session in case of technical difficulty

The First Session

In the first session we look at what it is that is bringing you to therapy at this particular point in time in your life. You are free to take up as much or as little of the session time to do this. Sometimes it can take time to build up to things. Other times people really want to get things off their chest. There are no right answers – only what is right for you. Having something of a sense of what it is that you want from the therapy can help, e.g. What are your hopes and expectations? What is motivating you to want to change? And why now?

In the first session, we also go through what is involved in the therapy process. This covers things like confidentiality, the collaborative nature of the work, session structure, payment, cancellation policy, communication, your GDPR rights, online work safety, etc. Each of these is explained in detail and we talk over them together to make sure that you reach the place where you are clear and comfortable about what is involved.

After the First Session

After the first session, you then go away and have a think about whether you would like to proceed.

If you want to go ahead, your signature of agreement to the terms of the therapy is required (Informed Consent) before work begins.

“Compassionate action involves working with ourselves as much as others” (Pema Chödrön)