We may spend a good part of our active lives in the work environment, and whether we are working for financial security, sense of achievement, pleasure, self-worth, self-identity, or some other reason, it is important that we feel comfortable, secure and happy. Harmonious workplaces are more productive places and are less stressful for everyone. We can experience our workplace as stressful for a variety of reasons that may be due to the job itself, something about the workplace itself or because of our own personal circumstances.

Within the job itself, we may be struggling to fulfil our responsibilities. This may be because the workload is excessive or the timeframes unrealistic, access to vital resources may be restricted putting us under strain to achieve goals, or the work itself is inherently hard and we find that we don’t have support. Equally, we may have an unfulfilled need for more recognition, to feel seen, valued and not overlooked. 

Within the workplace itself there may be factors that are causing us concern such as: we may have landed ourself in a position to which we are ill-suited, or we discover that our personal values do not align with the nature of the work or the company cultural environment. There may be an individual at work we are struggling to get along with, a difficult team member who is upsetting morale, or we may be being bullied by someone, a not uncommon occurrence. There may have been an organisation re-shuffle which is causing us to feel insecure.

Personal circumstances that can bear on us at work include having a medical condition that impacts our capacity to function, a personal issue that affects our concentration or motivation, or something happening in another area of our life that is impacting us in work too such as family issues. We might not notice how our personal problems impinge on us at work but other people may see the effects, so we need to attend to issues as soon as they arise.



Therapy provides a safe, private and confidential space away from your daily life in which you can feel free to discuss and explore what it is that is happening for you at work privately. There is no need to be concerned about being overheard by colleagues, or to have to be worried in case what you say is relayed back to someone at work. Therapy is a confidential space that is completely separate from your everyday work life. 

Therapy involves clearly identifying the cause of the stress. This may be related to events in your past as much as to what is happening now. The issues that emerge in your unique situation can be explored within the context of the your work needs and career ambitions, and with a view to you enjoying at a more fulfilled work life.


"She is a very calming, understanding and nonjudgmental person and it is so nice to have the space she creates each week to go to where I can feel"
accepted and supported

Client J

"Jane helped me learn more about myself and to find a self-compassion that helped me in my relationship with myself and others"

Client C

"Jane helped me to understand my own feelings and how I could deal with them"

Client N

"I've been attending sessions with Jane on and off for a few years now and I have found her to be really supportive and helpful during this time"

Client J

"She always makes me feel comfortable enough to speak openly in our sessions"

Client N

"Jane helped me through some very tough times and her compassionate and nonjudgmental attitude has allowed me to feel more comfortable in myself when I'm out in the world"

Client J


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