About Jane

Jane is a qualified Psychotherapist and Counsellor and a full member of the accrediting bodies IACP and IAHIP. She is based at the City Therapy Centre on Dame Street in the heart of Dublin. She has worked for years with individuals experiencing varying levels of distress.

Jane aims to provide a calm and confidential setting in which the client can feel safe enough to begin to explore the presenting issues that are of concern to them. She works collaboratively and empathically with adult individuals on a one-to-one basis.

The work is aimed at raising self understanding and awareness so that, ultimately, life choices can be made from a position of increased personal insight. The therapeutic relationship that unfolds between her and the client is integral to the process.

She has an optimistic view on life, holding in mind the potential of each individual to go beyond the present towards a life of greater satisfaction and fulfilment.

Jane’s approach is humanistic and integrative. Humanistic means that she considers that people actually have within them the ability to develop their own potential and to take charge of forming their own lives. Integrative means a couple of things. Firstly, a drawing-upon of any of several approaches in the work including: attachment theory, CBT, client-centred theory, existential, Gestalt therapy, object relations, psychodynamic and psycho-synthesis approaches. It also refers to a part of the process that is about a bringing of parts of the self together and back into view so that a greater sense of wholeness might be experienced.

Jane is experienced at working with:

Adult children of separated parents
Childhood neglect, abuse or trauma
Culture change
Family related stress
General stress
Health issues
Loss and grief
Panic attacks
Relationship issues
Self confidence
Self esteem
Self harming behaviours
Social anxiety
Stress and workplace stress
Suicidal thoughts

Jane trained for four years with the Tivoli Institute and a year with the Dublin Gestalt Centre, and holds an MA in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (Clinical) and a Certificate in Working with the Gestalt process. She is a fully accredited member of IAHIP and IACP, and aligns with the code of ethics of IAHIP and IACP.